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Ramblin, Riding, Trekking & Schlepping

Ramble On

because the road goes on forever

Welcome to Ramble On, the travel site for adventurers, wanderers, vagabonds,

(and the odd escaped felon).

My wife Lori and I travel the continent in our Airstream "Stanley" as well as get on airplanes to go places that are harder to get to in an RV. I recount some of our most interesting, and frequently embarrassing, travel experiences from around the world (and peppered with timeless rock n roll quotes for you to discover) for your illumination and amusement on The Blog.

Ramble On is also your travel and adventure resource. Whether you are looking for travel philosophy,

tips and tricks for travel success, destination guides, courses or even one-on-one advice,

the Ramble On Adventure Institute has got you covered!

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Thanks for Ramblin On!

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