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Destination Guides

Spain's Coast Brava
Coming Fall 2022

The Wild Coast is a treasure of tiny towns and crystal blue Mediterranean towns all linked together by an 80 km coastal path.


Bavaria & The Tyrol
Coming Soon

Hiking, biking, and beer drinking in God's Country. Here's an easy 10-Day trip to do it right.

Image by Michael Lämmli

Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor, ME
Coming Soon

Acadia is a special place. Some of our favorite hiking trails in the whole wide world. And of course there is "lobstah" if that's your thing.

Image by Mick Haupt

The Canadian Rockies
Coming Soon

It should be on everyone's life list. As such, it's not undiscovered. Here's how to see the best stuff with fewer tourists and the secret stuff.

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Canadien Maritimes
Coming Fall 2022

Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Image by Miguel Ángel Sanz