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Image by Christian Lue

You Will Find the Road


Way back, when Lori and I met and fell in love; we decided that the world was changing pretty fast and that we should travel and see as much as we could before some things were gone forever. We got married, and it became an 17-month honeymoon that carried us around the globe. I wrote long letters back home (this was before the internet mind you) about our travels. My mother made copies and would mail them to friends and family. People said they enjoyed the stories and I eventually turned those letters into a book.

The world did change. In addition to the internet, things like cell phones, climate change, dozens of wars, and an additional 2.5 billion people squished their way onto our small blue planet. All of these have radically altered the world we saw at that time. If you would like to enjoy a glimpse into that rapidly fading world, you can read it here.

I am adding a new chapter every month or so, sort of like an HBO series, but not quite that exciting.

You Will Find the Road
Roundabout the World
Tom Piper

Chapters (thus far)

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