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Texas Forever

Big place Texas. By all accounts, it's even its own republic. Whatever that means. Lots and lots of Trucks. Texans like trucks. I think I heard a statistic that half of all Ford F150s sold in the country are in Texas. Also, lots of fences. Texans seem extremely worried that someone is coming for them, so they fence with abandon.

We stopped near Houston at a winery that featured a creative selection of original wines such as Biker's Blood and Texas Black Spanish. Not sure I would pair it with anything other than curiosity, but when in Rome. Lovely sunset over Trinity Bay and great backroads.

We enjoyed driving along the Gulf for a week, including camping right on the beach (for free) in Port Lavaca. Watch for tides. Also, it’s important to wash the salt off your RV after beach camping. We went to one of those big truck wash places. I didn’t manage to get the salt off of Stanley but I did manage to cover myself in that pink “pre-wash” solution instead.

We spent a lot of time in the Hill Country, west of San Antonio. There is really sublime hiking there with lots of limestone cliffs and spring fed pools and rivers to wade through. For Lonesome Dove fans, I christened a great many spots as Clara’s Meadow. We also crossed the Neuces River. Thankfully, no snakes this time.

We drove the Twisted Sisters Ranch Roads. For car and motorcycle buffs, put this one on your life list. Ranch Roads 335, 336 and 337 surrounding Leaky, TX will definitely get your Ya Ya’s out. Buck, my big back truck, which handles like an elephant on roller skates, did his level best, but it would be fun to bring my Porsche 911 or my Indian Scout back sometime.


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