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Red Rock(s) n Roll

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

All the great ones have rocked at The Rocks. The Beatles & The Allman Brothers Band. The Dead & The D (Tenacious D). Jimi Hendrix & Jimmy Buffet. Rush and R.E.M. and of course my high school garage band that was much too short-lived to have an actual name (creative differences). Regrettably though, I had never seen a show there. Lori claims to have seen some sort of Planet of the Apes thing there that featured Roddy Macdowall when she was a kid. Sounds super weird. It's not rock n roll and I'm not going to count it.

Denver was to be our last stop on our odyssey and we thought why the F#ck not? Let's Rock. Especially since legendary Led Zeppelin cover band Get the Led Out was doing a show there. We're groupies. Seriously. This was our seventh show!

We got a campsite that is just 10 minutes from the venue. We packed up the cooler with provisions and got into upper south lot (the cool lot) by 4:30. We tailgated like rock stars. The gates opened at 6:30 and we sprinted up the ramps using all of our recent high altitude training (by which I mean we nearly died). Worth it though. By 6:35 we were in 10th row seats and I was in line for more beer, panting just a touch.

It was a great, great night. All Hail Rock n Roll!


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