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Ramble On Rosie

Many people bring pets along in their RV. Not us, we brought a plant.

This is Rosie, a tiny rose bush. A rose twig? A gift from son Zach to Lori at Xmas. In a vain attempt to miss her children a bit less, Lori announced that Rosie would be joining us on the Grand Tour. And this announcement only came after we were well down the road. So technically, Rosie was a stowaway.

Rosie lives in a small plastic pot, but travels in this child-safety car seat/cardboard box. She has never produced a rose. In fact, she is quite lucky to still be not-mulch. She has endured much: 100+ degree heat sitting in the truck while we’re out adventuring, days on end of no sun simply because the conditions were too raw to be outside, snow storms, and the sometimes-careless way she gets stuffed back into the truck with all the other gear by one of her two handlers. She was relieved of about 50% of her sparse foliage by what I assume was a deer in Zion NP campground. More frightening for her and for Lori was a windy night on the Gulf of Mexico, when we forgot to bring her in for the night. By the time Lori bolted up in bed and went to check on her, she was halfway down the beach, rolling like a tumbleweed toward Corpus Christi. Somehow Lori, flashlight in hand, tracked her down amidst the sand dunes in the pitch dark (mother's instinct). I kept watch inside.

The road is not for shrinking violets. She rambles on 10,000 miles later.

Rosie, you’re all right.


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