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Mecca on the Miami River

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

As readers of this blog know, there was an unfortunate incident back in August where Stanley received a little damage. Getting an Airstream (or any RV) fixed right now is harder than getting a kitchen contractor to call you back. So we were extremely fortunate to be able to book an appointment at the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, OH.

It's Incredible!!! There are thousands, well hundreds, of Airstreams here! All shapes and sizes. They are literally rolling off the line. I couldn't actually see the line. Sadly, the tours are still closed for Covid, but to just be here, where it all happens, was thrilling. And much like at several National Monuments we went to, the museums were closed for Covid (safety first), but the gift shops were open for business! Such was the case here too. Swag City at the Airstream Magic Kingdom.

The haul: 2 hats, a T-shirt, a polo, a fleece blanket, a key chain, a money clip, and dog dish (in case we get a dog). Lori drew the line at the two logo'd electric bikes which I think would have looked fabulous on Stanley's back bumper.


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