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"We stopped over in Santa Fe. That being the point just about half way."

- Me and My Uncle

That was the plan. A quick stop in Santa Fe and on up to Colorado. Things change. We're free spirits. And smoke dodgers. New Mexico became more than a quick stop. We've spent the past two weeks in the Enchanted Circle which is a loop running from Taos to Angel Fire to Red River and back again, all above 8,000 feet. It is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, rather theatrically, or devoutly, named by the Spanish as the “Blood of Christ Mountains” – though it’s fair to say that the sunsets over their peaks after a thunderstorm might justify such hyperbole. They've had good monsoon rains, so there are abundant wildflowers and meadows full of lush green grass. The days are hot and the nights are cool, which means that I sleep soundly and Lori pulls on all eight of our quilts and blankets.

New Mexico still feels a bit undiscovered. It sits right here in the middle of the great money triangle of Austin, Denver and Phoenix where people can’t seem to move to fast enough. And yet, it feels strangely peaceful, with a notable absence of gated communities or giant golf resorts. We are always on the look out for places that we might want to come back to, or even put down stakes. This is one of a small handful that have made the list.

The food is good. Very good. There is still enough European heritage to value cuisine that goes beyond a cheap steak and a side of potatoes. New Mexico was originally part of Spain, then Mexico, and finally the United States (that is if we ignore the Navajo and half-dozen or so other tribes that were here long before that, which was the policy of the aforementioned governments, and shall therefore be the policy of this newsletter as well). New Mexico is a culinary crossroads of cultural inspirations and traditions. New Mex, Tex Mex, Sex Mex, the list goes on.

Most significantly, you can find a tasty breakfast burrito just about anywhere you go. My needs are completely met with this alone. Still a shout out to Mike and Carol for taking us to Sabroso in Arroyo Seco. Fabulous.


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