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California Streamin'

While Stanley covered in snow is a lovely sight, these cold February mornings do tend to conjure up thoughts of warmer climes and the road ahead. Many such mornings find us still in bed, well past the point of anyone you might consider a productive person. We hold our coffee mugs in two hands while we stare out at the exquisite snow-covered pine trees through our bedroom windows. These meditative moments lead to ponderings about new adventures.

More coffee is fetched by whoever doesn’t presently have a cat on their lap (I suspect cat-treat subterfuge here, given how often it is me that must do the fetching). A third cup of coffee leads me into the office for Google searches on distant lands, both foreign and domestic. More mornings, more deliberations. Lots more coffee.

Eventually, a plan takes shape. Or you hope it does. This year, we were all over the map, quite literally. Alaska, a summer in Europe, our local campground – they all had their backers. In the end, I just started making campground and flight reservations.

I do hope you will all ramble along with us again this year. I so appreciate hearing that you laughed at one or another of our frequent misadventures.

On a related note, Ramble On Adventure Travel has evolved from a simple Travel Blog to a more comprehensive travel website with tips, tools and inspiration. Did that sound impressive? It's still a bit rough, but I'm adding material as fast as I can given how much time I spend drinking coffee in bed. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

And we are recruiting new readers!! If you know someone who might enjoy the content, please let's welcome them to the fold. Send a friend this blog post. Pester a parent with a link to the home page. Word-of-mouth is our only marketing at Ramble On.

Thank You! And love y'all.


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